Blogshop Day 1 ~ A Smooth Setup

Blogshop setup at the Santa Fe Complex

It was a beautiful, crisp fall day in Santa Fe: the aspens were just starting to turn, the Wine and Chili Fiesta was happening at the Opera, and roasted chilies could be bought by the baggie at the Farmers Market. A great day to sit inside a fully blacked-out room at the Santa Fe Complex and lead a workshop on blogging.

Today was Day 1 of the first Blogshop. Everything went very well; everyone arrived early, we were all connected to the internet before the workshop started, the participants were a good mix of artists and entrepreneurs and ran the gamut from beginning blogger to seasoned computer professionals.

We talked about keywords, domain names, marketing and did a freewriting exercise and read them aloud. During the afternoon, everyone purchased a hosting package and domain name and installed WordPress on their site. There was one hosting package that was incorrect, but that was fixed with a phone call to Hostgator. Now we wait as the sites and domain names propagate. Tomorrow morning, we begin delving into WordPress and SEO.

The next hands-on Blogshop is being planned. If you’d like to attend, or just want updates on the schedule, sign up for the Blogshop Email Updates on the right.

About Melissa J White

Melissa J White is an award-winning writer and designer living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has been blogging since 2006 at, and owns Whitespace Creative, LLC, Blogshop World, and a new blogging adventure, Art Gothic: From Gargoyles to Goth Boots.She has been a City of Santa Fe Arts Commissioner and founder/past president of Intermezzo of the Santa Fe Opera and is the author of "Dizzy Sushi".


  1. This is a perfect introduction to blogging. Even though I have a blog, it’s a pleasure to learn how to NOT be a hit and miss blogger. Thanks Melissa.

  2. Glowing recommendation well deserved. After anxiously awaiting my site to come up I was very excited when it magically appeared on my screen. Thanks.

  3. A great first day with lots of hand-holding to get set up! Even veteran web users got the step-by-step tutorial that made this leap into the next phase easy and comfortable. Melissa is a fine instructor: informal but knowledgeable and very good at trouble-shooting. Looking forward to Day 2!

  4. I was unable to attend the first day but Melissa graciously gave me a day-one tutorial a week ago. She is flexible, knowledgeable, and patient with tech support.

  5. Day 1 was beyond all expectations. This blogshop is changing my life and storytelling about Santa Fe from Santa Fe.

  6. As a beginnger blogger, the blogshop helped me to get my website chosen and set up. I am learning from those who have been blogging for a while, things like making sure you post regularly, and how to get your domain set up easily and cheaply. I am ready to go! Thanks, Melissa!