One Goal: Remove Negative Thinking

"Bat Flight", David Ladilaw, Brown University Computer Sciences. This video simulates air flow around the wings of a bat. From the Santa Fe Complex's Art and Science of Systems Biology Event, 2009.

My blogging coach, David Risley, asked us recently, What one thing has to be handled this year in your online business?

I know a lot of my beginning blogging students (BBs!) feel overwhelmed with getting things organized with their themes, fixing strange font problems that seem to come from nowhere, managing their online presence and other stumbling blocks that take away from the actual blogging work.

But, “What one thing has to be handled this year?” is a good mantra. A mantra often has the answer tied into the question, and this one does, too. The answer is that you should be thinking one year ahead. Yes, you can get your blog up in a weekend, but it takes tenacity, patience and faith to make it an online business or successful marketing tool.

If one thing stands in my way of getting my goals met this year, it’s Negative Thinking. Seriously.

Everything else I can do, fix or manage: A better opt-in product, adding a squeeze page, evaluating my email service, fleshing out my classes and workshops, hiring coders, redesigning, writing consistently and often. I am lucky in that I have years of marketing and design experience, so the tech part isn’t insurmountable. I have been blogging since 2006, so that is not new to me, either.

What stops me are those negative thoughts that say things like: You can’t make a living at this, No one is interested in your stuff, Blogging isn’t a “real” job, etc, etc. I’m sure you know what I mean.

Stopping those negative thoughts is an old Buddhist concept, updated via authors such as Vaynerchuk (Crush It), Scheinfeld (Busting Loose), Byrne (The Secret).

You may find a great VA, hire a fast and competent coder, let an online ad management company take care of selling ad space on your site, but no one can change your mind but you.

In Santa Fe, there is a term we use when talking about self-help books, mystical occurrences, or synchronistic events: We call it woo-woo. It should be in the dictionary.

I hope this post doesn’t sound too “woo-woo” to you-you, because deep down, isn’t the calming of the mind one of the most important philosophies on the planet, and a potential solution to some of today’s most pressing problems?

Let me turn the tables on you, now, BBs: What one thing has to be handled this year in *your* online business? Hit the reply button, below. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

About Melissa J White

Melissa J White is an award-winning writer and designer living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has been blogging since 2006 at, and owns Whitespace Creative, LLC, Blogshop World, and a new blogging adventure, Art Gothic: From Gargoyles to Goth Boots.She has been a City of Santa Fe Arts Commissioner and founder/past president of Intermezzo of the Santa Fe Opera and is the author of "Dizzy Sushi".


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