Using a Blog for a Mobile App Project Management Tool

Blogs are so flexible, they can be used as a quick website, a project management hub, and even a presentation tool.

On May 21 and 22, the City of Santa Fe, MIX Santa Fe, New Mexico Technology Council and the Santa Fe Complex hosted New Mexico’s first Mobile Apps Challenge. I had brainstormed an idea for a parking app on Friday night and found 4 programmers on Saturday who created a team to work on it. The Shady Parking App info can be found on the project page at MIX Santa Fe. Click HERE to join MIX and support our project!

I was in charge of the user interface, marketing and the presentation due by Sunday at 5pm. When you are in a real deadline situation, putting up a blog is a fast, professional way to get the job done.

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of how I used a blog as a mobile app project management tool:

- Purchased domain name from GoDaddy

- Created a new database on my unlimited domain host. I recommend HostGator.

- Installed WordPress on that directory

- Pointed Nameservers to my host

- Chose a blog theme. I’m using ThemeZee.

- Custom designed the blog. I added a header and changed color pallette.

- Wrote a first blog post. I put one up, here, then got started on designing the user interface, the screenshots and the logo.

- Created a programmers’ page so they could grab the different icons they would need for the interface. This made the blog more than a blog, but an actual data-sharing site.

- Created project pages to correspond to the Challenge’s requirements

- Finally, I used the blog/now blog + website for the presentation tool, starting with the home page, going to the screen shots and ending on the team page.

The Mobile Apps Challenge continues until June 16, 2011, when we will need to submit our final project.

Leave a response, below, and let me know of ways you have used a blog to fulfill a function of a blog +.

About Melissa J White

Melissa J White is an award-winning writer and designer living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has been blogging since 2006 at, and owns Whitespace Creative, LLC, Blogshop World, and a new blogging adventure, Art Gothic: From Gargoyles to Goth Boots.She has been a City of Santa Fe Arts Commissioner and founder/past president of Intermezzo of the Santa Fe Opera and is the author of "Dizzy Sushi".