Smart Passive Income’s Monthly Income Report Arrives!


Granted, there are lots of things Pat will tell you in the attending 5000+ word blog post that will qualify, explain, cushion and soften the blow for those of us who made .41¢ on AdWords in August. But the best thing about Pat is his willingness to be “the crash test dummy of online business.” He shows us, each and every month since 2008, not only the successes, but the failures and tenacity it takes to recover from those failures.

SEO for WordPress Sites: Keyword Research, Implementation, Tracking [VIDEO]

SEO Tips Video from Blogshop

Learn how to research keywords, implement them on your Wordpress site, and track them for results. Watch Blogshop World’s newest presentation for Albuquerque Wordcamp 2013.

How Long Does it Take to Rank in Google?

Long Tail Keyword research in the real estate industry

In the world of website design and marketing, the “long-tail keyword” is now a term of extraordinary significance. As part of Pat Flynn’s Niche Site Duel 2.0 (2013), I looked back at my niche site experience from last year. Here’s a look at what happened to a site I built in January of last year (2012) around a long-tail keyword, and what has happened to it since.

How to Add a New Post to your WordPress Blog [VIDEO]

Samuel L. Ipsum

This video (6:25 mins) is a quick refresher course on how to add a new post to your blog. Did this video help you? Leave a comment, below! … [Read More...]

How to Add an Under Construction Homepage to your WordPress Blog [VIDEO] by Melissa J White

Starting Your Own Blog Video 001 This video (6.5 mins) will show you how to add the under construction plugin by Jeremy Massel. The second half of the video will show you how to create an html under construction page and upload it to the plugin’s settings. WHAT THIS PLUGIN DOES Once uploaded, activated and […]