A New Site for Santa Fe Ginger

Bloghsop custom design for Ginger Clarke, Santa Fe Realtor

Santa Fe Realtor Ginger Clarke was looking for a site as sparkling and fun as she is. Her site went live at the beginning of this year, custom designed by Blogshop.

Woo Themes: Pros and Cons


Woo themes are on the cutting edge of CMS use: they employ the Custom Post options (indeed, they helped create it), which is a big advance for Wordpress. This makes Woo a very powerful team behind you.

12 Inspiring Blogs

Altered Landscapes Leah Siegel Santa Fe

The next Blogshop Weekend is coming up November 19 & 20, 2011, so I thought I’d show you some inspiring blogs created in past workshops.

Each blog was built on Wordpress, and only a few of these 12 have had any extra custom design, so these are pretty much DIY. Each of these bloggers had a working site by the second day of the workshop.

One Goal: Remove Negative Thinking

"Bat Flight", David Ladilaw, Brown University Computer Sciences. This video simulates and visualizes air flow as a bat flies. From the Santa Fe Complex's Art and Science of Systems Biology Event, 2009.

A lot of bloggers feel overwhelmed getting things organized on their sites from design to technical tweaking. But, “What one thing has to be handled this year?” is a good question to ask yourself.

6 Helpful Tips for Choosing a WordPress Theme

In your dashboard, go to Appearance/Themes

Like too many choices in a candy shop, searching for the perfect Wordpress theme for your blog can be a dizzying experience. Here is what I tell students in my Blogshop.