How “imac laptop” Could be the Best Keyword Strategy


I always hope to experience a breakthrough doing keyword research, or developing creative for a new client. In two, small, inaccurately-combined words—imac laptop—there is a story potential new customers looking to buy a mac. Right? Ten thousand searches a month from people typing in a keyword combo that reveals they do not know the difference between an imac and a laptop. Or they know the difference, but don’t know which they want. Interested, real people, and new to mac. A potential goldmine.

Artists Chosen for Social Media Presentation


I am excited to announce the three artists I will be profiling for my next “Sweet Spot” presentation on social media: painter Allan Gorman, ceramist Betsy Williams, and long-arm quilter, Cindy Sharp.

The Foo Fighters Brand

Foo Fighters "Wasting Light"

With over 4 million Likers on their Facebook page and over 200,000 followers via Twitter (@foofighters), certainly the Foo Fighters are social media savvy, but they also embody the new true spirit of SMM: Giving Back.